Drink Me

Crickets sing a lonely ballad

I’m suffocating under cotton sheets

Going under for one last breath

Every time I inhale


Heavy is the heart who’s mother’s eyes are dilated

Weary is the soul who’s daughter has no home


For 44 years I’ve wandered this wasteland

Giving birth while husbands die

Breastfeeding monsters with angel eyes

and demon wings that rustle


I loved your tragic orphan story

I was falling in love FINALLY!

That is tragedy in itself


I am my own God

and I forgive my own wicked and silly deeds

Thus any tragedy incurred will not matter

When it’s all over

When my wanderings are laid to rest

And I can sleep the sleep of Magdaline

Of Eve…


Until then

The child in me takes joy in Fret

And the woman in me lusts after your English skin

And the fool in me waits for days

hour by torturous hour

for my phone to let me know

You’ve finally written.

To have you look at me with Damaged eyes

That know only love

For the woman that left.


The truth in that

Shatters against the wall of my heart

Slicing it to pieces.

I only half mind

For picking it all up

Will give me something to do

With all these unwanted days

That are so stale and tasteless since you vanished


Good God I’d love a swig of that “Drink Me” bottle right now

Shrink down into the size of an Atom

And build myself up again

Into an even stronger woman

Who never wanted nor needed

Anything from you