Ok. I’m in LA.

Today was my first flight ever.

I love driving long distances, but I have to agree with what everyone has told me…why drive when you can fly.  It was completely comfortable, far better than being a passenger in a car. I wasn’t afraid not did I get air sick even once. I slept half the flight. The pilot was funny as hell. He told everyone that his passing words to us are the same as his father said to him when he turned 18… ‘Get out’

The airport….groan. Just an observation here, but LAX is filthy compared to Atlanta Hartsfield airport. I was expecting….pristine. The floors and seats are filthy. Bathrooms are relatively clean.

I hit the first Starbucks I could find, was delighted to find a coconut milk mocha. That’s not something I’ve ever seen in.Atlanta. Prices the same.

I’m happy to be here. has stared at my head. I felt Melancholy initially, asking myself if I should have done this, as the plane landed. The angel on my shoulder hit me in the head with his golden cane and told me it’s to late now for second guessing my actions.  My only choice is pick up this suitcase and succeed. I didn’t come all this way to struggle. I could have done that in Atlanta.

Finding my way out of this airport was the first step. I’m now waiting on a shuttle bus to drive me the two hours to Bakersfield.

Two things have me worried. I’m afraid I jumped too quick.

I went and looked in the mirror at the person to blame for this. I put her hair in a pretty pink ponytail. I didn’t get this far in life holding back. I go full steam ahead and tackle my problems , generally taking the bull by the horns and making it my Bitch.

We will succeed. Our groom shop will provide us with what we need to live comfortably. I will be able to afford to visit my daughter at least once before she comes home and I will have a loving comfortable place for her to come home to. I will. Because I can.

Motivation self talk over.


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