Traveling Dolsot


I’ve decided to being 1/2 the pantry with me. My.only.non food item I’m taking is my Dolsot. Because how can I not? I calculated a month of meals in California compared to what I’ll spend to ship these items and decided, screw it. I’m taking it with me. 6lbs soybean paste, 5 lbs pepper flakes, a bottle of fish sauce, 1 lbs dried fish, 2 lbs Chinese noodle 2 lbs sweet potato glass noodle, all my laver, a box of green tea,5 lbs sweet rice, box of black sesame tea, canister of toastedbuckwheat tea….I think that’s it. This is the recipes that were stuck to the fridge. They’ve traveled with me everywhere because they’re old and they’ve seen me develop into the cook I am. I can throw down on some black bean noodles.

I feel much better.


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