Leaving the Korean Kitchen Behind

I’ve never wanted to stay because of material items.

Then again, I’ve never had to move without my Korean Kitchen. It moved with me. My Dolsot, Earthenware Bowls and Makgeolli and Kimchi Fermenting Urns, my big pots of pepper paste and fermented soy paste…bags of pepper flakes and dried fish, fungus and stacks of seasoned laver. Copious amounts of sweet rice, my old ass rice cooker, My square floor table, floor cushions, My serving tray and teapot and fragile hand painted cups…

These things have traveled all over with me in a car, but now that I am flying I dont really have the money to ship it all, otherwise I wont have return flight money. I HAVE to have return flight money to come retrieve Kaitlyn.

Its the only thing I hoard, these ingredients. It’s frankly retarded that I am so sad to leave it all behind, even if for just a few short months. People look at me and they see this strong bull of a woman. A round rough and tough fearless being. I am just a squat little korean woman, bent over a table.

The places and the things these items have seen with me. It all fits in two storage totes, but i cant take it with me Wednesday and I am pretty melancholy about that. Back when I said money does not buy happiness, I retract that statement. Sometimes it can, especially when it can ship your Korean Kitchen to California when that’s all in the world that you have. I can buy clothes at goodwill. IMG_20160519_232625


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