Phoenix has been good to me

We arrived here on the 7th of May, I believe, and today is the 24th. I will be leaving on the 28th if all goes according to plan.

The tires are cracked and the brakes are squeeling. I’ve been doing in client home mobile grooming and that has provided my son and I with Grocery money and gas money. It also provided me with the awesome opportunity to see Sedona, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and holds a lovely powerful vibration that rejuvinated me and charged me from within.

Almost everyone I’ve come in contact with, especially the pet owners of the dogs I’ve groomed, has begged me to stay.

I have to go to Georgia no matter what because all my things are there, my daughter is there, I have a grooming business there. But could I make things come together and move here? I have a job offer in Tampa florida. They are holding the position for me. Can I handle the humidity in Florida? I am uncertain. I love Tampa. My retreat “All World Acres” is there. My reiki master owns it and I go to as many events as time and money will allow. I always wanted to relocate there. But I know no one in the city.

I am torn between Tampa and Phoenix. Georgia I still love but I am drawn away from it like a straying lover.

I found the best Korean market I’ve ever been in here. Seoul Market, a little place but has pretty much everything H mart in Georgia has, just crammed packed on the shelves and on the floor. I was in heaven when I walked in. I thought, what is my excuse now? I have practically everything I need here. Sun, Friends, Opportunity, Sedona, and Korean Markets.


2 thoughts on “Phoenix has been good to me

    1. I was surprised at how many there were in Phoenix. Duluth Georgia has huge Korean shopping opportunities and three major chain Asian grocers. I found ranch market, a Hispanic chain in Phoenix, to be quite enjoyable and budget friendly.

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