Searching For Him In Other’s Eyes

Every 7 years there is a chance I look I seek where are you. I avoided blue eyed men because surely you could not be living behind blue eyes. How unfair to every heart that has ever loved me since you left. I look in the mirror. My porcilan skin is sagging. I see sun spots. My bones complain when i get up for the day

I am closer to you every day i age

I grieve my beauty fading brown like the roses we strewn, yet to beat my last heartbeat is reunion

I close my eyes and dream

we are young entwined mouths red with eachhother you fed me and my heart beat full of you

I burned with you the day your skin turned black

still living half a life

I dig though the skin of men seeking your pulse

i taste and seek your salt in their tears semen sweat blood

every seven years there is a chance

you could be here I just have to find you

dig dig dig

i’m so tired Ed I’m so tired tonight

Lets go to bed baby and waking up tomorrow we will be 17 again

the sun is too bright piercing through the blinds the birds song so loud

you pick up your guitar to drown out noise from the outside world

I hear the scratch of your caligraphy pen on paper my blood flaking

it dries into words no one but us will read

offer your wrist


break the fast of lost pulse candy drink and live with me baby

i love you

so tired

dig dig dig

smoke fills my lungs I cough and cough and cough your death away

drink and live with me baby

dont leave me candy dont leave me i cant breathe without your breath here

it’s time to take a shower candy get up and come wash my hair

get up get up and live with me baby please wake up dont leave me

drink and live god damnit dont you love me dont you hunger

what are you thinking about tell me tell me what is taking you so long

who are you thinking about drink and forget them

drink and live with me baby

drink and live

wake up look at me let me see me in your eyes to know im stil here

why cant I see myself who are you thinking about

tell me tell me

tell me you love me you’ll never leave me baby I cant eat without your heart

lie here with me hold this rope it’s all we have youll find me in the dark

just dig and you’ll find me

drink and live that’s all we have everything else is false


3 thoughts on “Searching For Him In Other’s Eyes

  1. I just wanted to say thank you again for your comment on my recent post. It really made my day! I’ve responded to the actual comment, but I was here looking at your layout and thought I’d comment here as well.

    I am hoping I have a bit of time this weekend to sit and read more of your blog. xx

    bratt ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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