It’s so hard to believe it’s only been 5 days since my mother plopped her opiate withdrawn ass on my couch and declared my home now hers.

Is there not some law against this?

Her primary care physician sent us to the hospital stating that there was no way mother could take care of herself on her own without medical intervention to help her complete her opiate detox and physical therapy to get her back on track again. Mind you, Mom had me grab a wheelchair to bring her in there and she hung her head off to the side and maybe even drooled on herself a little while we were there. She missed her call as an actress.

The hospital kept us for hours and did a full cat scan. The doctor tells us the cat scan shows no reason she should be admitted into the hospital. He gave her a shot and sent her home.  I hear this and I wonder how much of the whole thing is hype. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars since she’s been here because I can’t work, and now I have a GOD AWFUL flu from being in and out of the hospital with her.

If I don’t work how does she expect me to care for her. I can’t even lie down without her taking great thrill at having me get up to bring her some menial thing such as a glass of water or a book. Mind you, she’s only 63, and the doctors have said the only thing wrong with her is opiate withdrawal, there’s nothing showing on the cat scan to give cause to alarm. Yet I had one bottle of prescription Motrin from when I broke my ribs and she took them ALL in the 5 days she’s been here.

So yes, I feel justified in my resentment. I feel totally ok with my imagination taking the wheel as I envision dumping her and her bags back off at her house and driving away.

She’s trying to get me to get her into a new pain clinic, using me as the daughter of a poor elderly disabled woman who needs pain meds to live. OMFG.

I want my house back. I am so disenchanted I am fully prepared to pack what little I have and run away.


7 thoughts on “5 DAYS DESCENT IN HELL

  1. this sounds way too much like a relative i had dumped at my house last year…there’s always the homeless shelter. 😉 just kidding, maybe… what i really mean is i feel ya and i’m sorry.


    1. My best friend really got on my case saying my mom is the reason im here and its our responsibility as daughters to take in the elders. I felt tremendous guilt and yet i cant help but feel resentful. I lost so much already due to her addiction. How much exactly is one to sacrifice? What was the end result of your unwanted houseguest?


      1. She angrily packed and left when I made it clearly she wouldn’t be hiding poison in my child’s toy box… She never did clean up her act and died with a stomach full of pills a few months ago. I remember I did everything I could but it does still bother me some days.
        I do think we have some responsibility to care for (or seek care for) elders but we are not obligated to be enablers. Ever. And sometimes the best way to help someone is to have firm boundaries of our own.
        Take care of you first and foremost. It’s like the oxygen mask in the airplane, get yours and then help others. Maybe ask your friend to stay with her while you’re at work? Or perhaps drop her off at the AA house?


      2. “To love an addict is to run out of tears.” I don’t know who said it first but it is certainly true. There may also be day treatment options you can look into.


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