Broken Rib Leftover Stew

Yesterday was a day from hell at work. On Sundays I groom in another city so some of my clients don’t have to drive so far. I just started this a month ago. It has potential but I’ve encountered many road blocks along the way.

The lady rented her basement out and assured me it was still ok to groom in the bathroom down there. But on my way there Sunday morning she told me it would be best to do it upstairs. I did not bring my grooming table because I use hers, and she was still asleep when I arrived, I had to groom the dogs on the bathroom counter. It’s a large one and I can hook them to the towel bar, so fine.

There is a huge jacuzzi in the bathroom. I wasn’t getting the light I needed so I climbed up and walked around the rim of the tub to open the curtain. I RAN back because I didnt want the little dog to jump down. I slipped and fell and cracked my back on the rim of the tub. Good times. Finished grooming the rest of the day despite the cracked ribs and all went well. I made 140 bucks. I came home from the hospital today and was starving. I probably wont want to cook while I take the next two days off because I hurt too badly to cook anything that would take a long time soooo

I took out some Pork Bone Broth from the freezer, threw it in a pot with 5 cups of water. Got out my Santoku knife and chopped up any vegetable that may go bad in the next three days, threw that in the pot. Grabbed a handfull of dried pollack fish from the pantry, threw that in the pot. I let it boil. I tasted it. Ick. Got a huge spoon of red pepper paste, watered it down, put that in the pot. Tasted it. Getting better. Grabbed the fish sauce, put a few spashes of that in there….PERFECTION

Daikon Radish, Orange Bell Pepper, Green Onions, Carrot, Bean Sprouts

Sounds nasty but I made it work. Upon digging in the fridge I found a huge pig foot I forgot I bought. Thank god I found it because it was pretty expensive as it supposedly came from a free range farm and fed a diet of non gmo foods etc.

I put that in the slow cooker with some Apple Cider Vinegar to make bone broth while I lie in bed and look at Hulu and try to recover before I go to work Thursday. I dread the hell out of that but Tis The Season to make Christmas Grooming Rush Cash before the January Grooming Lag. I will take time to be in pain in January.

So if you find yourself in a bind and dont have lots of time to cook, bone broth, red pepper paste and fish sauce can make almost anything taste better.


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