My Normal, A short film about the life of a young ProDomme

Mostly I found the leading actress to be stunning, so I’m not sure if the film was as good as I thought it would be. I was hoping she would develop a relationship with the male supporting actor she was hanging with. Seemed pointless part of the script since it never went anywhere, but anyway, English speaking movies rarely hold me in one spot and this one did so it’s worth noting. Not to mention it’s one of the rare movies that actually show some of the offhand fetishes Vanilla people never hear about, like human furniture, Human Ashtray, And Blackmail.

There’s no hardcore action in this movie, just a sampling of the fetishes, how hard it is for a Domme to have a normal relationship, some of the head games that she plays, why it’s hard to go back to a Vanilla job, etc. I didnt find it very romantic, but it’s still worth a watch if nothing more than the leading ladies are so freaking hot lol.

There’s a link to the trailor above but you’ll have to google the movie because I cant remember what website I watched it on. It’s possible it was Hulu, or dramafever.


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