Grooming obese dogs

I’m in the middle of a 4 dog groom. They are the Gone With the Wind Dogs. Rhett, Scarlett, Bonnie Blue an Prissy. The sweetest yorkies and one yorkie poo. The yorkie poo is three times the size she should be and it causes her so much distress. If you have an obese dog it is important to make sure her genitals are hair free and clean. They can have fat folds that trap urine and dirt causing vaginal infection. Once there is infection, there is discharge which builds up and causes dangerous caking of material that worsens the infection leading to other issues like obstruction of full urine flow. If you cant afford a full groom at least find a groomer who will let you pay alacarte for a sanitary shave and a nail trim. These dogs have too much weight on their feet so they exercise less. This causes less natural exfoliation of the nails and their nails are always longer than the average pets. Once the nails curl long enough to tap the ground this causes even more discomfort and makes them want to run around even less. It’s a snowball effect. I want to rant and rave and tell you to put your dog on a diet and get out and walk the poor thing twice a day but life is what it is. People work, people are broke and can only afford Kibbles and Bits sometimes. But if you have the money, have your pet tested for diabetes and get them on a limited ingredient diet that has NO CORN in it. Also, when you take your pet to the groomer tell them to make sure to pull back the fat folds and scrub in there good with a medicated shampoo that kills bacteria and make sure to shave the hair out. They should not be damp whatsoever at all when you pick up. Check the folds and genitals to make sure the groomer did not leave them damp! And at home, after a walk in the rain, dry your pet with the dryer to keep the fat folds dry. This will reduce chances of yeast growth.

Have a blessed day and love your pets

If I hear the neighbor kick his dog one more time I’m going to go over there and hit him over the head with a frying pan. I’m telling you people, it’s pissing me off.


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